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energized by the war and the long wars that have been going on in somalia and they've been recruited over there to help for these causes, and in the process of that, a lot of them have been radicalized into this group, al shahab, which has links to al qaeda. >> one of these arrested, it comes from alabama and the other from california. we'll be watching for ericholder's news conference. thanks for being with me today. >>> president obama is on the road again, making his case that his policies have put the auto industry back on to the road to recovery. last hour, the president toured a ford assembly plant in his hometown of chicago, which is adding 1,200 jobs and a second shift. the president strongly defended the unpopular $60 billion decision to bail out the auto industry and said it prevented a collapse. >> we had to face a hard, unimaginable reality. which was two of the big three automakers, gm and chrysler, were on the brink of liquidation. if that had happened, more than 1 million jobs could have been lost. and that would have been a devastating blow to the entire dmi. >> well, new
.s. citizens and six legal u.s. residents, with providing support to a terror group in somalia. the attorney general called it a deadly pipeline. our justice correspondent bob orr has more on this home-grown terror threat. >> we are waiting for the enemy to come. >> reporter: u.s. prosecutors say this is the new face of terror. >> and kill as many as we can. >> reporter: his name is omar hammami, a u.s. citizen from daphne, alabama. he's emerged as a ringleader of the somalia-based terror group al-shabaab, which is fighting somalia and african troops for control of that country. hammami's internet videos, like this one, raising a fellow jihadist killed in an attack, is being used to recruit other americans to terrorist calls >> we need more like him so if you can encourage more of your children and more of your neighbors to send people like him to this jihad, it would be a great asset for us. >> reporter: the justice department today charged hammami and 13 others from the u.s. with funneling money and fighters to somalia. >> we are seeing an increasing number of individuals, including u.s. c
, somalia, and other places. this is a major concern, and the crisis of terrorism. regarding afghanistan, it is very fashionable on the part of commentators for their analysis. we're told that the taliban will be coming back to power and we need to abandon the afghan people. it is true the taliban remain strong in the south and east. on the other hand, there's no major violence in the west of afghanistan. the coalition and the afghan government have been able to adapt their strategy and are continuing to do so. i believe that we will succeed if we continue our resolute action, and all the parties must fully assume their responsibilities which were clearly established at the london and kabul conferences. we have to defend our interests where the taliban poses a threat so that they confide by themselves and provide civilian aid to the population. and that is what france is doing in its areas of responsibilities. the human toll is heavy and this weekend grew even heavier, unfortunately, but i'd like each of you to imagine what it would be if we were not there, what this human toll would be
of hagen in somalia, the stakes are clear. the deadly attacks in july show that the militias now have the capacity to extend their combat far beyond their borders, that victory would transform somalia into a base for al qaeda. it would destabilize an entire region already made vulnerable by the conflict in sudan, which would be catastrophic. france contributes to stability in djibouti. it will stepup in somalia in response to request form of the african union. 2000 somali troops are currently being trained in uganda while we have already trained 5600 men. everybody must understand that some mollah, yemen, pakistan, afghanistan -- that somalia, yemen, pakistan, and afghanistan have major challenges. a territory as large as europe, how can they do this alone? for the first time, in july, the terrorists were dealt a severe blow with france's support. that day marked a major turning point. the only strategy cannot be to pay ransoms and to free prisoners in exchange for hostages. this cannot be a sustainable strategy. france plans a full support to the governments that as the to train come
with terrorist activity linked to an al qaeda affiliate in somalia known as al shabaab. the attorney general of the united states, eric holder, says indictments and arrests took place in minnesota, alabama and california. charges of the four unsealed indictments include violations for providing money, personnel and services to the terrorist network. we'll have a full report from jeanne meserve coming up later in "the situation room." a very disturbing development. >>> social security reaches the final tipping point, paying out more than it's taking in. will washington do anything any time soon to fix this problem? i'll speak about that and more with david gergen. he's standing by live. >>> and sarah palin slamming president obama as inexperienced. it's an allegation that she's familiar with, defending herself against her lack of experience on many issues. we'll talk about that in our strategy session. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." with 3g as well.blays n ancan stream livdeo to t web. firshaan hdmi out.♪ rst shar wi-fi with 8 devic at ce. rst is notteen fur firshaan hdmi out
of either planning to go to somalia as two people have in the last couple weeks. the charge against a virginia man and just yesterday a chicago man and also new charges against people in the united states raising money to support the terror group al shabab. now, it is in somalia and the government, the united states government has accused this group al shabab of being associated with al caqaeda and e group has also claimed responsibility for the deadly bombing attack in uganda during the world cup games. so, intelligence officials say this indicates a disturbing new phase in al shabab's trying to extort terror beyond the borders. for several years, it has been a continuing concern of the u.s. that people here inside the u.s., american citizens have become radicalized enough to either want to join this group, al shabab or go there and try to fight along with al shabab. just yesterday a chicago man was arrested as he tried to leave the country, the fbi said he had been under surveillance for a year and a half. so, we'll learn more about these new charges here in about an hour with a n
, including seven u.s. citizens, with providing support to a terror group in somalia. bob orr reports. >> reporter: u.s. prosecutors say this is the new face of terror. his name is omar hamammi, a u.s. citizen from alabama. he's emerged as a ring leader of terrorist group al shabab. which is fighting african troops for control of that country. his interview videos like this one praising a fellow jihadist killed in an attack are being used to recruit other americans to the terrorist cause. >> we need more like him. so, if you can encourage more of your children and more of your neighbors and anyone around you to send people like him to us, it would be a great as is set. >> reporter: the justice department charged hamammi and 13 others from the u.s. with funneling money and fighters to somalia. >> we are seeing an increasing number of individuals, including u.s. citizens who have become captivated by extremist ideology and have taken steps to carry out terrorist objectives, either at home or abroad. >> reporter: the 12 men indicted in the case are now on an fbi "wanted" poster. they're
terror arrest here in the united states related to somalia? what's that all about? >> well, indictments unsealed against 14 people. 12 of them are men who they believe are fighting in somalia. one of them is quite well known because he's become a participant in recruiting videos for al shabab, the designated terrorist group in libya that is one of the more active al qaeda affiliates around the world and there were only two people arrested. interesting, they're women, they were in the state of minnesota. the allegation of the government is that the two of them were raising money for al shabab, sometimes through teleconferences and the government alleges that sometimes they were telling donors that their money was going to the poor, they weren't telling people that this was going to fund war in somalia. back to you. >> jeanne meserve this morning from washington, thanks. >>> coming up at 8:40 eastern, we'll talk with paul sony, the "wall street journal" reporter who broke this story live from our london bureau. >>> now to the chilling words of a man who gunned down eight people moments be
, particularly in the horn of africa n. somalia, who are interested in ensuring that africa with build and realize this -- its full potential and prosperity for africans. thank you. >> just to what john said, the president will of course be making a speech on the 31st. just to short-circuit some of your questions, the venue and time has not yet been determined. but he'll, of course, talk about the importance of the milepost that that day is as we change missions in iraq. he'll talk about the bravery and the courageousness of american soldiers who fought there. he'll talk about what our policy will be in iraq moving forward and he'll talk about how that effort relates to and works with our fight against al-qaeda in afghanistan and all around the world. and so with that, i'm happy to take your questions. >> can you speak to how the president will -- [inaudible question] >> well, the president laid out a pretty specific objective in his camp la june speech in february 2010, he said he wanted to make sure that iraqis could take care of their own security, that we were leaving a democracy t
consciousness last year when a bunch of sumolly residents disappeared and we're in somalia working with this organization. they have shown great capability to wreak violence. now they're killing parliament a and now sustained terrorist attacks and this is an organization of growing concern in the intelligence community. >> they are believed to have legitimate u.s. passports for travel,est t travel, correct? >> they are over there and initially recruited they get involved in the sumolaul sumauo. >> when you talk about somalia being a mess, there isn't structure. >> there hasn't been a government in somalia for 20 years. the place is a mess. the clans there which are tribal groups have been fighting among them selves for 20 years and that has given an opportunity for the islamists to come in and show, hey, we're a new answer for somalia and bringing the islamic religion to you and throw out the war lords and fighting clans and that provided an opportunity for al qaeda to get in there with them and establish some very serious capability there. >> as the obama administration said, we n
alarm by the united states, the african union, and ethiopia, islamist insurgents in somalia stormed a hotel used by the government, killing more than 30. those killed includes six members of parliament and five government officials. at least 70 have died in two days in some of the heaviest fighting for years. our east africa correspondent reports from neighboring kenya. >> even by the standards of somalia, tuesday's attack was shocking. a group of gunmen at the storm to hotel in what was supposed to be as safe zone. the hotel is close to the presidential palace. the total death toll at the hotel is 32, said the deputy prime minister. that includes six mps and five civil servants. the gunmen broke in and opened fire before they blew themselves up. this dramatically undermines the security the government and the african union have worked so hard to present. the islamic radicals have been fighting to overthrow the administration. a report suggests militants have been growing in experience and confidence. military analysts say it is unlikely the rebels will be able to overthrow the gove
organization in somalia. among those accused, two men from minnesota who claim they were raising money for the poor and needy and instead they are accused of funneling that cash. attorney general eric holder described it as a disturbing trend. >> these indictments and arrests in minnesota, alabama and california shed further light on a deadly pipeline that has rooted funding and fighters to al shabab from across the united states. >> pete williams is with me now. how were investigators able to follow this pipeline and lead to at least these arrests? >> they've been making book on these connections for several years now because of the steady flow of people that have gone one by one especially from the minneapolis area over to somalia to join . two bombings in uganda that were deadly. officials say he's become part of the leadership of al shabab and is in an internet video seen as a recruiting video for al shabab. he grew up in alabama and the u.s. government would very much like to get him arrest and get him brought back here. the justice department says they think they have a pretty go
against more than a dozen individuals for providing support to forces in somalia, specifically, al shabaab, which is an affiliate of al qaeda. in addition, a different law enforcement source say there will be some arrests for people who did fund-raising. of course, there's a concern of number of americans going to somalia to fight and train with al shabaab. there's concern they might be able to make their way back into this country and stage some kind of attack here. in fact, within the last couple of weeks, there have been two arrests, just yesterday, shamas was about to board his flight to make his way to somalia, where he wanted to be a suicide bomber. in addition, last week, a muslim from northern virginia was arrested, also the allegations were that he wanted to go to somalia to fight. a lot about that part of the world, a lot about the interface with muslims in this country and other individuals in this country. we're going to learn more about the specifics of this indictment in an hour's time. >> jeanne, quick question, forgive me if you said this, i missed it, of these 12 people ar
charged in separate cases with providing material support. both are believed to be in somalia and fighting on behalf of them. one has appeared in several propaganda videos which have been distributed worldwide. he is believed to be ranking member of the organization. he has operational responsibilities. finally, to others who are naturalized citizens and residents of minnesota were arrested by fbi agents earlier today. they have been charged with providing material support to terrorists among other novices. the indictment alleges these women raised money to support al-shabab going door-to-door in smaller communities in minneapolis, rochester and other locations in the united states as well as canada. in some cases, these funds were raised under the false pretense that would be used to aid the needy and poor. while our investigations are ongoing around the country, these arrests and charges should serve as an unmistakable warning to others who are considering joining or supporting terrorist groups like al-shabab. if you choose this group, you can expect to find yourself in a united states j
a hotel in mogadishu, somalia, today, killing at least 32 people, including members of the government. >> reporter: bystanders and survivors dragged bodies out of the hotel after the attack. a suicide bomber and gunmen disguised in military uniforms stormed in this morning, firing indiscriminately. >> ( translated ): the total death toll of the explosion at the hotel is 32: six members of parliament, five civil servants, and 21 civilians. two militias from al-shabab broke into their hotel and killed all of them. later, the two men blew themselves up. as you can see, their limbs are everywhere. >> sreenivasan: the brazen attack was in the center of the capital city, in a violent area not far from somalia's presidential palace. al-shabab, the country's most dangerous militant group, claimed responsibility. the group has often been able to infiltrate heavily secure areas of mogadishu, but last month, it expanded its reach, targeting people in uganda watching the world cup final. 76 people died in that attack. white house counter-terrorism chief john brennan said their movement abroad is
for those going to somalia. we have one of the leading officials of al shabab that put together video recruiting tapes and been a factor in motivating other individuals inside the united states to try to go to somalia. the second part which is really interesting is two women soliciting money in a door to door operation. as you said in your opening to help the poor but to channel that money to support al shabab and terrorists operations. that's a process we've seen with other groups in the past. it's the first time we've seen it with a somali based group. it's a serious development. >> this is what i'm interested about. why are they going somalia? we're told that al qaeda wants to strike here. they are already here but they're going all of the way to somalia to do terrorism. doesn't that seem interesting? strange? >> so what's important is understanding what drives people to go -- what drives somalis to go to support al shabab. it's not because of their al qaeda links and al qaeda affiliation. it's because of nationalistic clan and tribal based loyalties. when somalia was invaded by o
to somalia. the arrest, rather the indictment of 14 people this week for this terror group based there. 12 of the 14 believed to be in somalia. how does this work? are these men they believe are intent on carrying out an attack here in the u.s.? >> not totally clear to me, alex, just exactly. they indicted 14, two arrested, two women involved in some general fund raising for the poverty and for their brothers in somalia. >> which you think is a sham? >> probably linked, we'll see. they were released. so i'm not sure the charges were that serious because they were released after charged. but these women were involved, perhaps, in fund raising for the organization. i think most of the somalis that left minnesota and the u.s. that joined had a beef. they can become further radicalized because this group has links to al qaeda. the danger is they go over there to fight for a cause in somalia, become further radicalized, join up with people with an agenda and can turn back to the u.s. and because they know the u.s., the citizens and residents become much more dangerous when they come back to the
-linked terror group based in somalia. the other 12 suspects are all men and believed to be in somalia right now. we have a member from the center for american progress joining us. thank you for joining us. i'm curious, can you tell us about the suspects, how they're linked to each other and then on to al qaeda? >> well, what we understand is there are 14 either residents or u.s. citizens who were arrested on thursday. they live in minnesota, alabama and california. and what they're accused of is offering support in helping recruit for the al qaeda-linked group, a terrorist group in somalia that has some loose links to al qaeda. so this, you know, is an increasing phenomena where you see disparities from all around the country having links to something across the globe. and i think, you know, this incident demonstrates that there's overwhelming evidence that law enforcement, solid intelligence and police work is essential for taking down these networks. it's really key. >> okay. and of these 14 you have 12 of them all men that are described as being abroad right now. the big concern about them i
the so-called star in somalia and listen to this. two minnesota women are accused of raising money for terrorists by just asking donors to give to a fund for the poor and needy. 14 people in all have been charged with aiding an al qaeda linked group. who are these people? how did the feds track them down? let's bring in jeanne meserve to talk about the case. >> a new state department report avl shabaab as one of al qaeda's affiliates. part after pipeline to that somali group. funneling funds and fighters. al shabaab, a u.s. designated terror group on the battlefield in somalia. among its commanders, u.s. officials say that two of the indicted men, jihad's sir one mustafi and hammami. both u.s. citizens. appears in jihadi videos. >> only reason we are staying here, way from our families, away from the votes, away from, you know, candy bar, all these other things, we are waiting to meet with him. >> reporter: an expert calls hammami a jihadi rock star. a bridge between two cultures. >> i'm going to stop when i send them to hell. >> somebody that has feet in both worlds, fuse it is ji
-qaida-linked group al shabab in somalia. bp is taking a major step toward plugging the gusher for good. they are pumping cement down that well in a process called the static kill. we will keep you up to that. massive fines are imposed on a deadly power plant explosion, over $16 million in fines. the connecticut plant burst into flames in february killing six workers. all right back to our top story now the man in charge of protecting our borders has been called out by his own agents who work the front lines. immigration and customs enforcement unions giving a no confidence vote, it was a unanimous vote against of no confidence for john morton, that's the person who is their boss, claiming that the agency is basing its policies on politics and not on the job they are supposed to be doing, which is protecting the american people. how does this affect the already heated immigration debate? i'm joined by rob thompson and steve mazberg. both radio talk show hosts. the claims in this memo are so astonishing to me. basically the folks that work on the front lines are saying all these things a
called al shabab, which is based in somalia and which american officials say have connections to al qaeda. now, many of these cases over the last couple of years have come from minnesota, from the minneapolis-st. paul area. and, in fact, 12 of the arrests that have happened here that the justice department will announce shortly are from minnesota, two others from california and from alabama. so, you know, the good news i guess here is that the justice department and the fbi have been able to keep these folks under surveillance and have been able to make arrests. there was just an arrest in the last couple of days of the person in the chicago area who had been under investigation for a year and a half and was arrested as he tried to leave the country to go to somalia. but there have been arrests of folks heading for somalia in the past several weeks. there was one here from virginia, as well. so, officials consider this a very disturbing trend that folks here in the u.s. that grow up in relatively normal lives become radicalized and want to go fight jihad and will learn more about this in
to the twitter account and may do the same for page on facebook. >>> islamic fighters in somalia said they seized and burned food distributed by the world food program. they claim it was expired, the program denies that. american authorities are looking at the growing terror threat from somalia and admitting mistakes. national correspondent catherine herridge has that story. >> current and former u.s. officials tell fox fuzz -- tell fox the u.s. government may have been slow to pick up on the threat from the group and the ability to draw american recruits. former senior intelligence official at homeland security told fox a trip to columbus, ohio, in 2006 was eye-opening. >> a number of what they call hot spot mosques, troublesome mosques, where the mosques were featured a fairly -- i won't use the word "radical" but fire brand of imam featured preaching jihad or maybe taking some action. >> according to multiple sources, ethiopia invasion of somalia in 2006 and the impact of americans on somali dissent was not well understood. it categorized those worldwide. where they traveled overseas to defend
in somalia, they have claimed responsibility for recent bombings in neighboring uganda. he is joined by officials from the fbi and several u.s. attorneys. this is 15 minutes. >> good afternoon. today, the department of justice on sealed four separate indictments, charging 14 individuals with terrorism by elections for providing money, personnel, and services to al- shabab, a terrorist group operating in somalia with ties to al qaeda. two of these individuals have been arrested. these indictments and arrests were in minnesota, alabama, and california, and they shed further light on a deadly pipeline that has sent funding to fighters of al-shabab from across the united states. the indictment was unsealed in minnesota charging 10 men with terrorism offenses for leaving the united states to join al- shabab as foreign fighters. seven of these defendants had previously been charged with either indictment or criminal complaint. the remaining three in the district of minnesota, a total of 19 defendants have been charged in connection with this investigation. with this investigation. nine of
the lines of counterterrorism, more akin to the sort of limited actions we're doing in places like somalia and yemen where we use drones and we use cruise missiles. we use covert operative and special forces to go after the terrorists but we do not try to remake a society. >> smith: because we look at what's happened with al qaeda. as the admiral just said a lot of it has moved to pakistan. some of it has moved to yemen, somalia, places like that. does al qaeda even require a home base? >> it certainly doesn't require one in afghanistan. there's nothing special or unique about afghan real estate. al qaeda requires some places to work out of. but it could also be out of new jersey or out of michigan. al qaeda is not an organization in the sense of a tight knit i.b.m. of terror. it's much more cellular. it's diffuse. it needs access to money and to the internet. to train and quip people. it's very diffuse. nothing special about any single country. it doesn't need a single face. >> smith: is the deck stacked against the united states in afghanistan? we don't have a good partner in karzai. pak
for providing material support to al-shabab. both are believed to be in somalia and fighting al-shabab on-of. according to reports, one of them has for -- has appeared in several propaganda videos which have been distributed worldwide and he is believed to be a ranking member of the al-shabab organization and has operational responsibilities. finally, another to individuals are both naturalized u.s. citizens and residents from minnesota and were arrested by fbi agents earlier today. they have been charged with providing material support for terrorists among other offenses. the indictment alleges that these two women raised money to support al-shabab and went door- to-door and-in somalia and communities in several locations in the u.s. as well as in canada. in some cases, these funds were raised under the false pretense that they would be used to aid the needy and the poor. if you choose this route, you can expect to find yourself in a united states jail cell or to be a casualty on eight some of the battlefield. as demonstrated by the charges unsealed today, we are seeing an increasing num
based in somalia and its members have pledged loyalty to osama bin laden. video provided by the middle eastern media research institute apparently shows some of the group's members. the 14 people u.s. prosecutors have charged are all accused of providing them with money, with personnel and services as part of what the attorney general called a deadly pipeline. and eric holder said today's action should serve as a warning to anybody else who considers helping a group like them. >> if you choose this group, you can expect to find yourself in the united states jail cell or to be a casualty on a somali battlefield. >> but still, americans are, apparently, choosing this route in ever increasing numbers in what the attorney general referred to today as a disturbing trend. you may remember they claimed responsibility for an attack in uganda last month. one that killed more than 70 people who were watching the world cup. that was believed to be their first attack outside somalia. the concern tonight -- that it won't be the last. steve centanni, our national correspondent on fox's top story ton
. for months we have been reporting on a growing terror threat. a somalia based group called al she back. well, now the feds say they have grabbed an american trying to give the group guns and money, perhaps even his own life. an american. late details in a live report straight away. and deadly heat across the south and southeast and some folks places it feels like 110. look at little rock. i mean, it's awful. it has killed people. we will show you how it's affecting millions tonight. we are just getting 911 call into our newsroom from yesterday's deadly rampage at a connecticut beer distributor. we will hear the voice of the man whom the gunman had just shot in the head. that's coming up from the journalists of fox news tonight on "the fox report." [ male announcer ] this rock has never stood still. since our beginning, we've been there for clients through good times and bad, when our clients' needs changed we changed to meet them. through the years, when some lost their way, we led the way with new ideas for the financial challenges we knew would lie ahead. this rock has never stood still. a
. prosecutors say he planned to travel to somalia to be a suicide bomber. he told an informer he was an admire irup the radical u.s.-born cleric believed to be hiding in yemen. >>> first lady obama is on vacation in spain, the first night of a five-day vacation. m malia is away at camp. the president was in chicago celebrating his 49th birthday with friends. >>> a former liberian trial, supermodel naomi campbell will testify saying she was given a rare diamond. charlie d'agata joins us with the latest on this case. >> reporter: good morning to you, betty. now, i just returned from the courtroom where a very calm naomi campbell changed the story she's now lng denied, now she admits receiving blood diamonds some 13 years ago. supermodel anyway ommy campbell a war crimes court at the hague she did receive diamonds during a trip to south africa. she said they were a few stones, a few small dirty looking stones. she said she didn't know who the diamonds were from but actress mia farrow told her that i must have come from former war lord charles taylor. her testimony can help convict taylor of war c
it to a somalia-based terrorist group, al-shabab. hundreds were injured in a recent attack. the fbi says the man believed and to let taken over a position with al qaeda is very familiar with the united states. it is believed he has lived in the united states, specifically south florida for more than 15 years. officials say not only did he live in the u.s., but he also had permanent residence status. he's reportedly charged with plotting to bomb the u.s. -- the new york subway system. officials have been looking for him since 2003. americans continue to keep credit cards in their wallets. a sneak peek inside the hollywood slot casino. the machines are not running yet, we will tell you about the excitement. >> i just look for coupons i know i can use down the road. >> the tips and tricks to becoming a savvy shopper ahead. and, the ravens are making training camp available to anyone who cannot now get out to westminster. >> a little cooler over the weekend before the heat and humidity return. we have the forecast coming up. we have cooled to 74 at bwi marshall . 81 downtown. >> if you are among tho
this report from neighboring kenya. >> even by the standards of somalia, it was shocking. a group of gunmen stormed a hotel in what was supposed be the safe zone for a transitional government troops. the hotel was close to the presidential palace. the brutal death toll is 32, said the deputy prime minister. that includes six members of parliament and five military. the assailants blew themselves up. the gunman -- it is claimed to be done and killed as many as 60. it is dramatically proved that there is no safety. the insurgents are trying to set up an islamist government. it is suggests they are growing -- it has been suggested they are growing and experience and confidence. it is said to be unlikely that the rebels will overthrew the government, as long as african troops remain there and there is a government mandate to protect it. if they go, and the government collapses, so does the mandate. bbc news, nairobi. >> chinese media report 43 have died in a passenger jet that burst into flames while landing at an airport in the northeast. chinese state television said the plane had 96 on board
al-shabab, the group in somalia, was going to be an effective draw upon some americans from the country, into the training camps of somalia. this video shows omar hammami from alabama and he's a al-shabab recruit and now is the public face, and there are testimonials of english-speaking recruits with al-shabab on the internet as early as october '08 and, in addition a former senior homeland security intelligence official told fox that he was first briefed on the possible threat the group may pose as early as 2006 when he was told that radical clerics from somalia were going to mosques in ohio, and, preaching in the mosque, with a very anti-western and anti-american tone. so, there were certainly signs or red flags, if you will as early as '06, gregg. gregg: and is it true we have actually had several new cases this summer? >> reporter: just this summer alone we have had a number of cases where americans were picked up in the process of trying to go go to the training happens, and they are from disparate parts of the u.s. and what we know from our reporting the last few years
outside of the united states. prosecutors say he planned to go to somalia to become a suicide bomber. >>> late today a federal judge ruled that california's same- sex marriage ban violates the constitutional rights of gays and lesbians. the city of san francisco and two same sex couples are seeking to overturn proposition 8 which outlaws gay marriage in california. it is legislation the state voter as proved. >>> now to the site of yesterday's deadly workplace rampage in manchester, connecticut. some family members of omar thornton say his job pushed him over the edge. as shots rang out and workers ran, thornton called his mother before killing himself. >> he said, i killed the five racists that was there, that was bothering me. and he said that's it. the cops are going to come in so i'm going to take care of myself. >> reporter: the company and thornton's union representative adamantly deny charges of racial harassment. before the shots he calmly watched a tape of him stealing bare. he was offered the option of resigning or being fired. he sign aid letter of resignations. >>> a man
in somalia have killed 15, including some members of parliament. it happened when they stormed a hotel in the capital. it comes on the second day of heavy fighting between insurgents and government troops, supported by the african union. hong kong is advising residents not to travel to the philippines, following the deaths of eight tourists. the flags are flying at half mast and the chinese government demands a thorough investigation. meanwhile, the u.k. for an office says it today -- two british nationals are among the survivors. the government panel has concluded that allowing mining in these hills would deprive the tribal groups of their rights. some say would help the poor. 40 people including five foreigners have been killed in a passenger plane that crashed near katmandu. bad weather forced the plane to turn back from its intended destination near mount everest. a double disaster has hit the west african country. and aid agency reported this. it has compounded the existing food crisis. the rains are delivering -- and during delivery. the flooding is increasing risk of disease, pa
states are being charged with supporting terrorists in somalia. most of the people are u.s. citizens that live in minnesota, california, alabama and we will get more details when indictments come up later today. >>> the fight against gay marriage in the united states could go to the supreme court. kate marriage opponents will appeal the decision that overturned -- gay marriage opponents will appeal the decision that was overturned in california. the judge called proposition 8 unconstitutional. >>> president obama but a ford motor co. assembly plant -- visited a ford motor co. assembly plant this morning. >> this has been a source of deep pride for data rations of american workers. whose imaginations and hard work led to some of the finest cars that the world has ever known and whose sweat helped build up the middle class that lifted up the dreams of millions of people. >> ford did not take any federal bailout money but the company is adding two hundred jobs and a second shift at that chicago planned for the white house says that banks to $400 million in loan guarantees for companies
people, including at least seven american, with aiding a terrorist organization in somalia. cbs news justice correspondent bob orr is in washington with details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. had a troubling new front in the fight against terrorists. al shabab, an emerging terror group is now threatening attacks against the u.s. in the most frightening part is that some of their foot soldiers are americans. he grew up in alabama, now federal prosecutors say omar hamammi is a big player inside this somalia based terror group al shabab. >> he's believed to be a ranking member of the al shabab organization and he has operational responsibilities. >> reporter: hamammi is using internet videos to recruit other americans. in this one he praises the sacrifice of a fellow jihadist. >> if you can encourage more of your children and more of your neighbors, send people like him, it would be a great asset for us. >> reporter: now the government has charged hamammi and 13 others from the u.s. with funneling fighters and cash to al shabab. the 12 men on this fbi poster are
most of the citizens are u.s. citizens that some have traveled to somalia for training. two of the suspects have been arrested. >> these indictments and arrests in minnesota, alabama and california shed further light on a deadly pipeline that has rooted funding and fighters to al shabab from across the united states. >> two years ago, the u.s. branded al shabab as a terrorist organization with ties to al-qaeda. >>> a bay area man's unique approach to looking for a job we've got his story just ahead. terrible accident in the midwest this morning involving two school buses filled with children. and will the coast see sun at all this afternoon? meteorologist mark as the forecast and it's just ahead. >> getting more from their open sales taxes from income taxes, property taxes. the states are simply becoming completely dependent upon us. >> republicans balk at a bailout plan that democrats say would help save the jobs of teachers, police and firefighters at california democratic senator is leading the fight. >>> a collision involving two school buses and a big rig left two peopl
hasta viajaron a somalia. y vamos a california, con la apelación de un juez de autorizar los matrimonios entre personas de un mismo sexo. >>>periodista: la decisión de un juez agudiza el debate, a menos de 24 horas de anunciar su veredicto, a menos de 24 presentaron una apelación y arresiaron los ataques. >>> Él dice que las parejas homosexuales pueden proporcionar lo mismo a los hijos. >>>periodista: y ellas esperan que se permita los matrimonios. >>> queremos poder amarnos, casarnos algunos, y algunos no. >>>periodista: y hay 5 estados que permiten a gay y lesbianas casarse, y en alrededor de 40 estados se prohíben, algunos como arizona, texas aprobaron enmiendas para impedirlo, y muchos se preguntan qué podría significar esta decisión de california, y muchos dicen que los impactos pueden ser grandes. >>> la demanda puede ser general, puede decir puede un estado quitar un derecho a una minoría? >>> el debate se acalora, y muchos critican el hecho que el juez es homosexual. >>> yo creo que no es justo, es como poner a un adicto a regular temas de drogas. >>> y el juez tendrá un
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